What is photo restoration? 


Photo restoration is a process by which a photograph is scanned at a high resolution and then digitally repaired using advanced photo editing techniques.  This process can include fade correction, repair of light or liquid damage as well as fixing scratches, tears and missing sections (within reason).

Can you restore my old photos?


Most old photographs can be restored to their former glory. The level of restoration will depend entirely on the condition of the photograph in question. For a free consultation and quote fill in the form below.


How much does it cost?


Each and every photograph is different, with varying levels of damage and fading. To determine the cost of repair a full assessment and consultation will be provided without obligation. Prices for photo repair start from as little as £10 per photo.



Does restoring a photo affect the original copy?


No. All restorations are carried out using a digital process and only scanned copies of your originals are altered in anyway. 



How does it work?


To digitally repair your photo a digitally scanned copy will need to be created. This can either done by yourself (tips and guidance on how to do this will be offered) and uploaded to this website securely. Alternatively photographs can be sent via post and then returned to yourself along with any requested prints or storage media. If you live in the Pembrokeshire area a collection and drop off service can also be offered as part of the restoration process.

Once a digital copy of your photograph(s) has been received, the process of restoration can begin. This will be painstakingly carried out using advanced photo editing techniques and software. A proof of your restored photo will then be sent to you for review. 

If you are happy with the proofs provided, payment and delivery of the product can then be arranged.

How do I pay?

Payment is easy and can be carried out via a number of different methods. Payment methods accepted include; PayPal, Bacs bank transfers, cheque (please note that restored copies will only be issued once payment has cleared) and cash when using the collect and drop off service. 

Can my black and white photo be colourised?


Yes! Using by using advanced photo editing techniques layers of vibrant colour can be added to old black and white photographs, really bring them to life. As part of the consultation process you will be asked a for a few pieces of reference information such as eye and hair colour, as well as for any preferences regarding the colour of any other aspect of the photograph. 

I have a collection of old family photos. Can these be scanned and stored?

Yes. Large collections of photographs can be scanned and stored on digital media. This is a great way of ensuring that your photographs are kept safe and secure for future generations to enjoy. Furthermore, digital copies of your photos are fantastic for sharing between family and friends on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Scanning and storage services cost from as little as £1 per photo (minimum order £10) and can be provided on a range of digital media such as CD/DVD, USB Memory sticks and SD cards.